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10 Sep 2014
Today I found out that many devices are still consuming a lot of power when they are turned off.
My monitor uses about 15 watts and even my NAS consumes about 15 watts even if the power supply switch is turned off!
I'm thinking about making a control panel with toggle switches to turn on/off every device around my desk. Just because it's cool and power efficient.

27 Dec 2013
A few days ago I found a package under my virtual Christmas tree. I opened it and found ...
An Ultimaker Classic!!
So today I invited some friends to help me assemble it. It is so awesome!!

31 Dec 2010
Today my hard disks arrived! 8 hard disks of each 2 TB (Terra Byte). That will give me storage for about 3400 DVD's, or 3200000 pictures/songs.
But I will go for RAID5, which means that the storage will be reduced by 12%, but this gives me extra security. If one hard drives fails, the data will not disappear.
Why I need so much space? Well, I make a lot of videos and I store backups for other people. You know, just in case.
And having a lot of space makes it easy to organize all my stuff in one place.

28 Nov 2010
Inspired by Black Dwarf, I finally started building my own NAS (Network Attached Storage). It is a device that can store large amounts of data (like movies, documents, pictures) and is attached to your home network.
I don't have the same tools as Black Dwarf, so I choose a normal computer case. I did buy the same RAID card, the RocketRaid 2680 (with a maximum of 8 hard disks).
For the operating system I use a simple SSD, which I installed today. I can't wait for the hard disks to arrive.

25 Dec 2007
At work I do a lot with Expect scripting. And during the holidays I came up with a new project: automatic downloading.
I follow a lot of anime series. But the internet is slow and it costs me time to find the new episodes every time.
What if I could let the computer do all the stuff for me? Finding the new episode and download it all together?
After a few days the project was a success. The script opens a telnet session to the MLdonkey CLI (Command Line Interface). From there it can gather all the data it needs to start/stop downloads.
It also gathers ratio and statistics and puts it into a graph. So I can see how the download progressed over time.

13 Aug 2006
Today I upgraded the hardware. Well actually I build a new pc and moved all data into the new computer.
Now leechbak has a 400mhz CPU and 768mb memory. Also the hard disk space has been increased with a total of 2 80 GB hard drives.
I call this version Eagle, because you have to give it a nickname anyway.

1 Jan 2004
After running Windows 2003 Advanced server on my 333mhz computer (256mb memory) for a few months, I was frustrated about the slowness after 3 weeks.
Remote desktop is easy to use from school or any other place, but could be slow when I'm downloading a lot.
After 3 weeks the server is so slow that I have to reboot. eMule is nowadays the most common download tool.
I use the website more and more often to fill in my anime series information.
I'm looking into Linux as an alternative. I already have some experience with Red Hat, but support from my friends is limited and I gave up eventually (some time ago). But now during my Christmas holidays I figured out a Linux flavor my friends will support: Debian.
So I installed Debian 2.2, together with Apache, PHP and MySQL (manually compiled it).
Because my server "leeches" a lot (mostly Japanese anime), I call it Leechbak. A combination of the English word "leech" and the Dutch word "bak" (which technical people use as a nickname/alias for computer).
I changed the code of my website to be compatible for both Windows and Linux. This is because my school laptop runs Windows and I program a lot in the train between school and home.

21 Jan 2003
Started my internship. My job: writing PHP applications. Luckily I already have some experience with it.
The internship will last half a year, looking forward for a great time.

14 Aug 2002
Playing today with PHP, apache and MySQL on Windows. I made a user login page and a form where I can add my anime series information.